Tax Filing

Tax2efile is an online tax filing service to help U.S.A individuals and businesses to file their federal tax return and extension with IRS. The users can file their tax electronically as well as by traditional paper filing.

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College Automation

School and College automation is a new era in education sector to keep staff updated and retrive daily activites and students progress in notime.  Facilating parents to monitor and be informed about their wards.

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Mobile Applications

We offer custom mobile application development on mobile operating platforms like iOS (iOS 4 and its later versions), Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry OS, and Symbian OS.

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E-commerce Solutions

Ecommerce as its name suggests Commerce through electronic mode.  Market demand and shopping culture has forced sellers to have an ecommerce website.

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Search engine optimization



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          SEO can be defined as Search engine optimization. It a process of optimizing your website to get a good listing in search engine result page. Search engines are software system developed to search through the world wide web, some of the popular search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Aol, Ask etc.. The search engines provide information from the world wide web for the entered search query.

          Each search engine have their own searching methodology which is defined as algorithm. The search engines have bots which will frequently crawl through all available web pages and gather information present in them. The bots are also known as spiders. once the spiders crawl through your web page, The pages will get listed in the search engine result page. The question is how will you get into the #1 place or first page of the search engine result page. Because, The search results in first three pages are likely to get more clicks compared to fourth fifth and consequent pages, Hence optimization of your website is highly recomended to obtain better search result.

Types of SEO

         Effective SEO will result in good organic search results. There are two types of Search engine optimization. They are,


          Onsite seo is carried out during the website development process. Onsite SEO starts with the website content, It is always said that content is king. A good website content attracts more traffic towards the website. We have good content writers to craft your website contents effectively, then comes keywords, title, metatags, html elements, naming images , alt tags etc.. we have a seperate team for keyword research who will search for effective and competative keyword by market research and competators analysis. Our web developers are well versed in naming seo friendly and content relevant title. The web page is checked by our fellow developers to make sure the html elements and attributes are correct.


          Offsite SEO is carried out after the hosting of the web pages. These depends on the no of page links to and from our website known as link building. Including social website interaction in your website to drive traffic in your website and also by including RSS feeds, Blogs, Creating Fan pages and making Regular posts and updates in your fan page will drive more web traffic and we also follow many other SEO techniques.